How Do I Get a Mortgage For a Home?
Aug 18 2023

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, a mortgage is not just a debt; it’s a powerful tool that can shape your financial future. With various options, partnering with a mortgage planner can pave the way for a brighter financial journey.

Let’s delve into mortgage planning with Amy Bonis, your guide to economic empowerment and legacy-building.

Unlocking Your Homeownership Dreams 

Amy Bonis: Your Mortgage Expert

Amy’s expertise extends far beyond being a mere loan officer; she’s your strategic partner on your path to financial growth. Amy specializes in a variety of mortgage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs:

  • FHA, VA, USDA Loans

 Explore these options for different types of financing, including 100% financing and low down payment alternatives.

  • NO PMI Loans

 Discover the benefits of loans with only 3% down and no private mortgage insurance.

  • Investor Loans

 If you’re considering real estate investments, learn about loans with a 15% down payment requirement.

  • Rehab Loans

 Are you looking to turn a fixer-upper into your dream home? Amy can guide you through rehab loan options.

  • Down Payment Assistance

Explore loans with down payment assistance programs designed to make homeownership more accessible.

  • Construction to Perm Loans

 Amy can explain the intricacies of one-time close construction to permanent loans, offering flexibility with minimal down payments.

  • Mobile Home Loans

If you are considering a mobile home purchase, Amy can assist with loan options tailored to this property type.

Synergy of Mortgage Planning and Net Worth Growth

Unlike in the past, we now have many mortgage options. Partnering with a mortgage planner, instead of a mere loan officer allows you to plan and optimize your mortgage strategically. While homes house families, investments harbour cash.

Consider how mortgage planning can amplify your financial potential, impacting your wealth-building journey.

Maximizing Income and Building Wealth 

Have you explored ways to make the most of your money and income? Amy Bonis is dedicated to aiding you in maximizing your financial resources. From the present to the future, we will help you curate strategies. However, these strategies build wealth and ensure you enjoy life to the fullest while leaving a lasting legacy.

Exploring Mortgage Alternatives 

Looking beyond traditional fixed-rate loans, we are adept at finding the best mortgage products tailored to your needs. With licenses spanning 40 states nationwide, we specialize in financing up to ten properties and offer innovative no-PMI loans.

If you are considering a mortgage without mortgage insurance, we can provide options such as 3% down no PMI loans up to a $430K sales price and 10% down no PMI Loans up to $650K. This is particularly advantageous for high earners and real estate investors.

Unlocking Special Programs for First-Time Buyers 

A world of special programs awaits first-time buyers and those seeking innovative down payment solutions. We are well-versed in securing down payment “grants” that offer relief for your mortgage payments. These grants, available for conventional and government loan programs, can even lead to reduced monthly PMI.

Further, Amy Bonis‘ expertise extends to self-employed or commissioned individuals and strategies for equity repositioning that can bolster your net worth.

Access to a Diverse Array of Loan Products 

With access to hundreds of loan products, our seasoned mortgage bankers transcend the confines of a single bank. However, Amy Bonis is committed to offering your unique situation the most favourable terms and programs.

Our match-or-beat policy ensures that you are presented with the optimal mortgage solutions. As a testament to our dedication, we often provide a FREE float-down option in select cases, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the process.

Setting the Stage for Your Property Acquisition 

As you contemplate your subsequent property acquisition, a strategic approach is critical. A preapproval strategy session with us empowers you with invaluable insights into diverse loan options, enhancing your negotiation stance. In today’s market, this strategic advantage is critical.

  • Take the First Step Toward Homeownership

With Amy Bonis by your side, navigating the mortgage landscape becomes a seamless and empowering experience. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to expand your real estate portfolio, Amy’s expertise will guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your future.

 Reach out to Amy Bonis today and take the first step towards securing your mortgage and unlocking the doors to your new home. Contact us at (919) 414-4430 or via email to arrange a meeting. We are excited to guide you toward financial success. Your journey to homeownership starts here.

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