Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

“The top priority for me is guiding clients through the maze of home loan choices. Explaining the upsides and downsides of each option feels like opening a treasure chest of possibilities. If a client aims to retire without a mortgage, it’s my responsibility to create a personalized plan that sets them on that path. Helping clients master their finances creates a ripple effect, empowering them to pass on this valuable knowledge to their kids and others Now THAT, gives me tingles all over!”

“Very simply, we enable clients to have a strong offer by pre-underwriting the loan, reducing stress, and giving them excellent customer service not only during the transaction but years later by making sure their assets are performing & if we can save them money with a lower rate, or removing that pesky PMI we will. No reason for you to look any further!”

-Amy Bonis, Owner/Operator of Amy Bonis Mortgage Team

Amy Bonis