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Sep 21 2023

Why Is Down Payment Assistance Important & How They Work?

Are you considering purchasing a home but feeling overwhelmed by the idea of saving for the initial down payment? You’re not alone. Many homeowners face the issue of putting together an adequate down payment, which can be an enormous obstacle to conquer.  However, there could be an option to turn your dreams of homeownership into[…]

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Jun 27 2023

Builder Closing Cost Incentives: Are They Too Good to be True?

When purchasing a new construction home, many builders will offer a variety of incentives to sweeten the deal and entice buyers. One of the most popular incentives is builder closing cost incentives, which promise to cover some or all of the closing costs associated with purchasing your new home. In comparison, these incentives can save[…]

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Jun 01 2023

How Do I Mortgage a House as a First-time Buyer?

As a first-time homebuyer, purchasing a home can be an exciting and financially draining thing to do. One of the most important aspects of buying a home is finding the right mortgage that meets your needs and financial situation. In this regard, Amy Bonis educates homebuyers on how to get financial help from financing bodies.[…]

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May 26 2023

A Comprehensive Guide For First-Time Home Buyer Loan

The process of obtaining a mortgage for the first time is often a challenging one for first-time buyers. Choosing where to begin can be challenging due to the wide range of options available. The situation is not unique to you! Amy Bonis provides expert consultation regarding mortgage home loans and is here to help guide[…]

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