Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

When you get a mortgage to buy a house, you still need to have your own money to cover some additional costs. Many buyers don’t have that amount of cash on hand, and although they could afford the monthly mortgage payments, they can’t buy the house because they lack enough cash savings today.

Down Payment Assistance Programs help with this issue. Both the State & the Fed Govt have programs to help you with this issue. They can loan you some or all of your Down Payment requirements. Amy Bonis is one of the few lenders offering access to these fantastic programs.


Starting April 1, 2023, if you are a first-time homebuyer or military veteran and qualify for a NC Home Advantage Mortgage, you may be eligible for $15,000 in DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE offered by the NC Housing Finance Agency. 

The NC Home Advantage Mortgage could be a great fit for buyers looking for safe, affordable financing. It can be structured as an FHA, VA, USDA or conventional loan.

Similar to the other down payment assistance options available with the NC Home Advantage Mortgage program, this down payment help is a 0% interest, deferred second mortgage, which is forgiven 20% per year at the end of years 11-15, with complete forgiveness at the end of year 15.

Start your journey towards homeownership today!


You are eligible if…
  • You are a first-time homebuyer (have not owned a home as your principal residence in the past three years), military veteran, or are purchasing a home in a targeted area
  • You are purchasing a home in North Carolina
  • You occupy the home as your principal residence within 60 days of closing
  • Your income and home sale price do not exceed certain limits
  • Your credit score is 640 or higher
  • You are a legal resident of the US

To take a first time home buyer class online for the down payment assistance program, go to
Genworth Homebuyer Education Class *

Learn more about NCFHA and these programs, visit North Carolina Housing Finance Agency *