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FHA, VA, USDA (100% financing), 3% down NO PMI loans!!, 15% down Investor loans, Rehab loans, Down payment assistance loans, one time close Construction to Perm loans with 5% or less down, loans for mobile homes and more

A mortgage is not simply a debt, but a tool. We have many more options than what our parents had and it is really worth working with a mortgage planner (verses just an order taker loan officer) and reviewing how proper mortgage planning can affect your net worth. Homes were made to store families; investments were made to store cash! Have you thought about what you could be doing today, or this week to help you make the most of the money and income you have? How are you building wealth today and how are you teaching those that are important to you these concepts so that you can leave a legacy and really enjoy life to its fullest? This is a rewarding task our team will help you with as your lender for life.


It is worthwhile looking at more than the traditional fixed rate loan. We are very good at finding the best loan product to meet your needs and are licensed in 40 states nationwide. We finance up to ten properties and do a lot of no PMI loans. Most folks on average are only putting down about 3-10% on a mortgage. One creative option is to do a loan without mortgage insurance if you qualify. We can do 3% down no PMI loans to a $430K sales price and 10% down no PMI Loans to $650K! This is particularly important if you are earning over $100K per year or buying an investment property. You cannot write off mortgage insurance in these situations. We will look at all these options for you. There are also a variety of combo loans, fixed rate, adjustable rate loans which can be very good options, FHA and VA loans and USDA Rural 100% loans. We even handle financing of mobile and modular homes (as long as your living in them). There are special first time buyer programs and programs where we can get you down payment (even if you are not a first time buyer), or you can get the federal government to provide a special additional tax credit that will help you cash flow wise with your mortgage payment each month! These down payment “grants” are forgiven if you live in the house long enough and are available on both conventional and government loan programs. In some cases, you may even qualify for a discount in your monthly PMI on these special NC housing finance options. There are programs that you can qualify for if you don’t show a lot of income (sometimes the case with self employed or commissioned people). There are cash out refinances on property to pay off debt or use for down payments on other properties. Equity repositioning is a big part of mortgage planning. Ask us about how this strategy can increase your net worth.

There are special first-time buyer programs and programs where we can get you a down payment (even if you’re not a first-time buyer), or you can get the federal government to provide a special additional tax credit that will help you with cash flow with your mortgage payment each month! If you make a quick down payment, you start taking part in a program where you can buy Tadalafil on this website.

We have access to 100′s of loan products. This is the beauty of working with an experienced mortgage banker verses just one bank. We can offer the best terms and program for you. We have a match or beat policy and allow you in many cases a FREE float down when working with our firm. When you are thinking of buying your next property, it is best to get together with us in person ahead of time for a free strategy session, get you preapproved, where we will look at various loan options for you and that way you can think about these before you have the stress of the transaction upon you. This will also give you more negotiating power when you make an offer. This is critical in this market. Please call us at (919) 414-4430 or email us to set up a time to meet. We are looking forward to helping you!