Investing in NC: Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities
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We are hosting a webinar series “Investing in NC: Unlocking real estate opportunities. A webinar series.”  


This weekly webinar series was designed to share insight about areas all over NC.  This first session is a 9-week series.  There is no cost to attend!  Maybe there are more affordable areas, maybe there are areas you weren’t aware of, and just maybe there will be a light, a way for you to get your foot in the door to this immense potential wealth building opportunity. 

Sessions will be held on Mondays at lunchtime, 12 noon to 12:45pm. We will be hosting this weekly webinar from August 7 thru October 9th (skipping Labor Day week). There will be local real estate experts speaking on specific geographic areas outlining the pros, the cons, and the potential growth of them. 

You can register for just one week, or as many weeks as you are interested in!