Lunch and Learn

Amy is known for offering NC companies’ employees brief educational workshops during lunch or after work. Some of the companies she has visited include: SAS, Nortel, Rex Healthcare, IBM, Glaxo, RTI, Environmental Protection Agency, General Electric, Wake Med, PPD, BASF and the Social Security Administration.

Rather than spending their valuable weekend time attending similar workshops, employees drop in for an “info packed hour” while on their lunch break or right after work that benefit their lives. Amy also offers free learning hours to church groups and community centers.

Perhaps your fellow employees, church group or networking group would benefit from hearing Amy’s unique overview of how to best prepare for a home purchase or mortgage refinance? Please call or email Amy with your human resources representative’s or group program director’s contact information. Amy will schedule a free learning hour of your choice at your next event. Your group will gain valuable insight and inspiration. Amy has a vibrant personality and is an energetic speaker.

To show her appreciation, Amy will offer you and everyone attending a discount off of closing costs.

Learning Hour Topics

  • Buying Distressed Properties
  • Real Estate Q and A
  • “Home Buying in the New Mortgage Market”
  • “Home Buying and Selling w/ the $8000 Down Payment Assistance Program”
  • “Introduction to Real Estate Investing”
  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of Improving Your Credit”
  • “Sorting through Mortgage Options…Making the Smartest, Strategic Choice”
  • “How To Decrease Debt and Increase Wealth”
  • “Fiscal Literacy for All Ages…a Simple Class on Money Management”
  • “Pros/Cons of Prepaying Your Mortgage”
  • “Dog Rescue 101 for Kids” with Amy’s Pet Therapy Dog
  • The Loan Relief Act… A Gov’t Program that Works!

As part of Amy’s philosophy of “giving back”, she volunteers with the German Shepherd Rescue organization. Fostering dogs to prepare them for adoption and saving them from being euthanized.

One of the dogs, Ringo Star, that Amy has fostered, made such an impact on her that she adopted him, and after extensive training and classes achieved a Pet Therapy certification. Amy & Ringo now visit various schools, hospitals, and other venues to help educate children and adults alike on the basics of dog rescue and welfare.

Recently, Amy & Ringo were asked to speak at a local Cub Scout event in Garner.

It was a delight to see so many Cub Scouts present and to observe the amazingly warm reception they showed Ringo. At times there must have been 8 pairs of tiny hands all petting and cuddling Ringo’s fluffy coat. He loved all the attention.

Amy is available to visit your venue, free of charge, and speak on dog adoption, fiscal literacy and several other educational topics.